Coffee in OCT Loft Shenzhen

523 coffee.  Anything but a spectacle


OCT Loft is shenzhen’s most popular creative art space, and is a hodgepodge of little independent coffee shops, restaurants, shops and galleries. So standing out from the crowd here can be challenging and difficult.  Just when I think every type of coffeeshop had been done, I discover 523 coffee , a coffee shop with a new concept.  You can buy glasses while you sip your lattes, truly a unique concept, at least to me anyway.



Now don’t be fooled by the somewhat unique concept, this is a serious coffee place, with barristers who really know what they are doing.  You’re greeted by minimalist white interior, and almost space age type seating, not the most comfortable I have to say but its uber cool nonetheless. In fact the minimal look is a welcome change from the crazy creativeness of OCT LOFT.  As you browse your surroundings, you’ll notice there are many glasses and sunglasses on sale.  You can try them on, look in the mirror and take pictures or even buy them if you wish.  It’s an interesting side feature of what is a pretty cool place. However at 600 RMB plus these are not just an impulse buy.


More Coffee in OCT Loft


Taste Test

So the important question for a coffee shop to answer.  How’s the coffee?  Well the answer, pretty darn good.

The latte, while on the small side has a strong body and smooth taste and really leaves you wanting more.  And at 30 RMB doesn’t break the bank.  The barristers take great care in their preparation and presentation of the coffee and it really shows in the final product.

There is also a large selection of drip coffee available from around the world, however I just stuck with boring old latte.   I also sampled the ice coffee, it’s refreshing as an ice drink should be, and it’s got a big caffeine kick and strong taste.  As with any self-respecting coffee shop there is a large selection of sumptuous  and tempting looking desserts




Qiaocheng East exit A metro

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